Nespresso vs Carte Noire


Regular readers of this blog will know that there are certain things I’m passionate about in life. In no particular order they are: writing, Spurs, music, beer & coffee. And maybe my family & friends might sneak in there at a push. And perhaps my smartphone. My coffee world exploded last year (not literally, that would be messy) when I got a Nespresso machine. Now, not only could I drink coffee, I could drink it from cute little shiny pods. Joy abounded. But now that you can buy capsules from other companies too and not just Nespresso, do they taste as good? I’ve already put Big Cup Little Cup to the test, now it’s the turn of Carte Noire… Continue reading » “Nespresso vs Carte Noire”


Nespresso vs Big Cup Little Cup


Everybody knows I love my Nespresso machine like my own child: I stroke it daily. A while back, Nestle’s patent for its Nespresso coffee capsules expired and a court ruled that it should stop being so greedy and let other companies manufacture them too. Cambridge-based Big Cup Little Cup did just that so I decided to try them. So would their pods taste of coffee? Would they enhance my Coffee Lifestyle ™? More importantly, would they look as pretty sat next to my machine? Let’s find out…

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Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…

This machine drips luxury...
This machine drips luxury…

A while back I was lucky enough to bag a Nespresso machine which now sits seductively on my kitchen worktop, winking at me every time I walk past. Now I too could have those shiny capsules in my very own kitchen and not just when I happen to land in a fancy hotel room – and unbeknown to me, a whole new world was about to be unveiled in sleek, caffienated heels. You see, a Nespresso machine is not just a coffee machine. Good lord, no. Coffee machines dispense caffeine-infused black liquid that perk up your day; Nespresso machines dispense a luxurious lifestyle that means you’ve MADE IT… Continue reading » “Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…”