Top Ten Wedding Worries


I’m getting married in ten days. Ten. Fucking. Days. So, to share how I’m feeling with you at this juncture, I thought I’d write a Top Ten Wedding Worries for you. Obviously, the rational part of me knows that 95% of what we worry about is completely unnecessary to worry about, but that doesn’t stop me worrying anyway, okay? When I was born, the nurse held me up and said: “Congratulations, it’s a worrier!” Here goes… Continue reading » “Top Ten Wedding Worries”


The Most Depressing Day Of The Year


Hello and welcome to the Most Depressing Day Of The Year ™. Until the next one that is. But for now, it’s time to revel in today’s utter depressingness, sink back into its soft underbelly of misery, rub your face in its dark, downy despair. Ready to join me in a tip-top January funk? Continue reading » “The Most Depressing Day Of The Year”