Election Anthems 2010


In one of the most unpredictable election contests in our lifetime, yet another twist has been thrust into the mix which includes Right Said Fred piping up with a Lib Dem anthem – we kid you not. Comedian Danny Robins has been tasked by Newsnight to come up with three party anthems for the big day, and he went about recruiting the best in the business – but when they weren’t available, he settled for Hadouken!, Right Said Fred and Nu Brand. To be fair, Hadouken! have conjured up a tune with their tongue firmly in cheek with a Labour anthem entitled Things Can Only Get Worse – what the others have in store is yet to be revealed. But we thought before that, we’d come up with some appropriate anthems of our own…

What if the candidates could choose their own songs that described their feelings, their ethos and then perhaps what they might be singing on the morning of May 7th, when they look into the mirror as either the face of the new Prime Minister or the face of the thwarted? We’ve put together a list of suggestions so that if Nick, Gordon or Dave are getting sick of their iPod playlists, here’s a few we made earlier…



Nick Clegg

Ethos: I’m Your Man – Wham! or Freedom – George Michael

Signature Tune: Yellow – Coldplay

Most Likely To Be Singing To On May 7th:



Ethos: We Can Work It Out – The Beatles or Don’t You Want Me – Human League

Signature Tune: Red Alert – Basement Jaxx

Most Likely To Be Singing To On May 7th:



Ethos: Changes – David Bowie or Charmless Man – Blur

Signature Tune: True Blue – Madonna

Most Likely To Be Singing To On May 7th:

One last thing – Gary Barlow. Coming out to back David Cameron. Not your greatest day, love.