Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy


Look up happiness in the dictionary and it says: bliss, contentment, pleasure and joy. The very opposite of the natural human state then. Pharrell knows how to be happy (wear a hat, walk with plenty of jaunt, sing a song). Captain Sensible knew that it took talking and wearing silly hats (I see a hat theme). But what is it that makes you happy? I mean apart from boring old friends/family/partner/smartphone. What are the things that make your entire being fizz with satisfaction? Here are my top ten…

1 – Getting a good seat in the pub

There’s not much that can top this one. Especially if you’re in said pub with your loved ones, have the perfect drink and don’t have to get up the next morning. Perfection.

2 – Tottenham Hotspur scoring goals

I often despair that I spend so much time caring about Tottenham Hotspur, but I do and that is my lot in life. But sometimes, just sometimes, when they play captivating football and net glorious goals, for that second after they score I’m filled with such utter, complete contentment. Not many things can make me pump my fist in the air and yell. Spurs can.

3 – Coriander

I’m a teeny-tiny bit guilty of coriander over-use, mainly because there is no such thing in my book. It makes everything taste great! Apart from tea. And smoothies.

4 – Clean bedding

The smell. The crispness. The cleanliness. The groan as you get in. That.

5 – Finding Forgotten Money

That moment when you get your Oyster card out and find a folded up origami-like £20 note burrowed into the bottom. That’s four pints right there. Six if you live in Yorkshire.

6 – Hearing Electric Dreams on the radio

I once interviewed Phil Oakey and for the whole 20 minutes all I thought was: “You sang Electric Dreams.” A pure slice of pop perfection.

7 – Steak, chips, sauce, Malbec

A juicy steak + some fluffy chips + a decadent sauce + a chewy Malbec = a happy Clare. It’s a simple equation.

8 – Writing

Writing can be the most frustrating and lonely pastime around, but when you’re in the groove and you bash out thousands of words, oh my. It’s the biggest thrill you can have fully clothed.

9 – Umbrellas

A fat rain drop bounces off your cheek and you realise you’re facing hairmageddon unless you can get to an umbrella, and fast. You reach into your bag and there it is, waiting for just such an emergency. Pure relief happiness, right there.

10 – Not working in an office full-time

I never minded working in an office – I worked with lovely people in relaxed environments. But having to be in the same place day after day ground me down: didn’t we just do this yesterday? Mixing it up is the schizzle.

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