The Lesbian Book Club With Georgia Beers

Welcome to Episode 19 of The Lesbian Book Club, and this one is a personal favourite of mine where I get to interview US lesfic writer Georgia Beers who needs no introduction whatsoever! Georgia has written a slew of best-selling lesbian romances (16 and counting), including most recently Rescued Heart, A Little Bit Of Spice and Zero Visibility. Georgia was also the first lesbian romance author I came across and was the inspiration for me giving writing a go, so you can blame her ;p In the interview, she reveals the inspiration behind some of her best-loved books and characters, as well as telling us about her writing process and how she tried but failed to develop a love of beer.

As well as chatting wiht one of my favourite authors (eek!), I also give a run-down of the Amazon lesbian fiction charts for the US and UK, as well as sharing what I’ve been up to, including the release of my All I Want series boxset, along with my new book, Nothing To Lose, due out in June. If you’d love to see your favourite author interviewed on the show, get in touch and let me know!