Nothing To Lose Is Out Now!


Thrilled to announce that my new lesbian romance, Nothing To Lose, is out today! If you like your romance awash with witty dialogue, heart-warming realisations and a triumphant ending, this is the love story for you. Click here to read the blurb and get all the links to buy the book today!


2 thoughts on “Nothing To Lose Is Out Now!”

  1. Hi,
    I just finished this book today and really enjoyed it. Am sorry to say I had forgotton how good a writer you are Clare Lydon – me bad. Now I am going after more of you books as you are easy to read which is just what I like over the coming madness we all know as Christmas. I will escape with your writings and all will be well.

  2. Thanks Julie, that’s lovely to hear! I hope you enjoy my other books – do let me know what you think! Take care & happy reading! Clare. x

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