All I Want For Autumn Out Now!

alliwantforautumn-350x560Thrilled to announce that the latest seasonal instalment in the lives of Tori & Holly – All I Want For Autumn – is out now!

As I have stated, I got pretty emotional writing this one, because it was an emotional journey the two characters went on – and also, as it turned out, a defining journey. This is the instalment where their lives were forced to settle down and where life threw stuff at them to test their strength and to ask them the vital question: what do they really want, not just for Autumn, but for their lives?

I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of their lesbian romance, and I’m both happy and sad to be writing the final book in the story of Tori & Holly. It’s been funny, it’s been emotional, but most of all, it’s been revealing: both for them and for me. Because every time you write something new, you uncover a little piece of yourself you’ve never shown before – and this was no exception.

I’m looking forward to more revelations all round as they head into their final episode, before saying a final goodbye to Tori and Holly. And I’ll be sure to give them both a big hug as I bid them adios.

You can buy All I Want For Autumn by clicking here.