It Started With A Kiss: Cover Reveal!

Thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming lesbian romance, It Started With A Kiss. This one is based in a UK vineyard and it’s got sass, style and swagger. If you love Hollywood first kisses and sizzling chemistry mixed with wine and sunshine, have I got the book for you! You can read the full blurb here, and the first chapter here. In the meantime, I hope you’re excited for the story of Skye and Gemma!



  1. Started on a kiss sounds good reading. I myself have ADHD and have episodes not finishing a book due to the my condition. I also live on SSN for age and medical conditions. So for me to purchase a 9.99 book is far and between. It’s a matter of food or a very good book. The food usually wins. Knowing how authors make a living, I know how hard it is in deciding on the cost of a book. Good luck. I love your writing.

    1. Thanks JR, appreciate your kind words about my new book! And yes, it’s why I normally put my books into Kindle Unlimited for at least three months, so that readers who are on a budget can read it too. It Started With A Kiss will be in there from June 14th.

      Take care,
      Clare x

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