Sapphic Books To Make You Swoon!

This Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d recommend a bunch of sapphic books that made me all warm and fuzzy. The ones that really grabbed my heart. It’s true what they say – you always remember how a story makes you feel, and this lot left me deep in a barrel of lurve. Ready for my mushy-smushy Valentine’s Day recommendations? Here goes…

Love And Other Disasters by Anita Kelly.

I watch cookery reality shows by the dozen, so this made me sit up. Make it queer, and have two characters falling in love on-screen and off? I’m in. Anita Kelly shows a skilled pair of hands in mixing this story: a pinch of rich/poor trope, a teaspoon of family strife, a sprinkle of non-binary, and a splash of coming out. Yes, there’s a solid story with competition, lust, and drama. But what stopped me in my tracks was the feels. All of them. When Dahlia and London come together, I was giddy with excitement. It starts slow, but stick around. This one is so worth it.

The Secret Of You And Me by Melissa Lenhardt

No, you’re not seeing things – Mills & Boon published a lesbian romance. So what’s it like? Pretty darn good. The Secret Of You And Me kept me gripped from first page to last, and I stayed up so late reading it, I was useless the next day. A second-chance romance, it’s got heart, soul, and everything in between. Read it!


Back In Your Arms by Monica McCallan

Back In Your Arms is a delicious second-chance romance that ticks every box of my favourite genre. Realistic, flawed characters? Tick. Set in a Stars Hollow-esque small town? Tick. Family drama with cute kids? Tick. A romance that ebbs, flows, and eventually soars? Tick, tickety tick! You feel every step of Quinn and Sawyer’s second shot at love, and I finished the book with a satisfied sigh. More please!


Destination You by JJ Arias

Spoiler alert: you will fall in love with this story, because JJ Arias has a way with words that makes it impossible not to. An age-gap romance between Taylor Lopez and her former history teacher Raquel Alonso, the story builds, wraps itself around you, crushes you with love and leaves you breathless. Will they end up together? I was totally invested and wanted it for this fictional couple more than I have for a very long time. A steamy, dreamy romance, it’s funny, sexy, and kinda perfect.

And Playing The Role of Herself by KE Lane

This classic, seminal lesbian romance can be summed up in four words: terrible cover, brilliant book. My all-time favourite lesfic novel, it’s romantic, sexy and chock-full of Hollywood dazzle. I dare you not to fall in love with Robyn and Caid. You won’t manage it. I first read this book in 2015, and it still lives in my head rent-free today. Plus, the audiobook adds a whole new level of emotion.

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