My Goals For 2023

Ah, 2023, I’ve been expecting you!

Another year dawns, and I’m almost ready. Usually at this moment, I trot out the amount of books, translations and audiobooks I want to get out into the world this year. I’ve done it for years, so it’s normal. But this year is different. Because yes, while I do want to do all of that, my health is more important. If that fails, everything fails. Last year, my health suffered, physical and mental. This year, I’m putting it first. If that means I get no books out, that’s okay. It’s not my intention, but that’s okay. But I’m fairly sure it won’t come to that. But as a marker of how much I value getting my health back on track, it’s first on my list of goals…

Health & Wellbeing

-Do regular yoga & fitness classes. This has started well. I’m booking regular classes and doing 15 minutes of yoga every morning. Last week, I turned up at what I thought was a HIIT class, but it turned out to be Body Pump. My shoulders are still not talking to me.

-Take control of my wellbeing. I’m hoping my health issues from last year are in the past, but we’ll see. I’m going to try to ensure they are by controlling the basics: food (eat well), hydration (2l water per day), exercise (regular fitness classes), sleep (at least 7 hours per night). We’re two weeks in, and it’s going well. Only another 50 weeks to go…

-Plan trips and retreats to look forward to. This is really important. Planning and anticipation of trips is just as exciting as actually going on them.

-Hire a coach. I’ve done this before and it made a huge difference. But that was five years ago. I need to do it again, to keep me on track and motivated. I’ve tried to hire two people over the past month, and failed. But I will not be put off. Hopefully.


-Write three lesbian romance novels:

– Football Book: drum roll – it’s at the editor! Yay! So if I don’t get this romance out this year, something’s very wrong.

-London Romance Series, Book 9 – I’ve written 20k of this. I will reread and see if there’s stuff to salvage, because it’s always hard going back to something you’ve stopped and restarting. (When will I learn?) I’m looking forward to writing this one and finally finishing the series.

-AN Other. I don’t know what this book will be. But I can’t wait to find out! I have two ideas that I’m kicking around. They’re not fully formed. Let’s see where they go.


-Publish at least two novels: football book & London 9. Beyond that, we’ll see.

-Publish new translations. I have two more German contracts signed and in the works. Same with Brazilian Portuguese, plus one in Italian. I’ve also got an agent for translations who’s trying to get me out around the globe a little more. We’ll see how that goes.

Podcasting & Audio

-Carry on with another full year of Lesbians Who Write. We love doing the show, and we hope you love it too.

-Publish three new audiobooks: The Christmas Catch, Football Book, London 9. This is easier to say it will definitely happen. It will. Yay!


-Schedule price promotions on other sites, and also on my own web shop. I’ve already actioned this already with another site – go me!

-Do some author events in real life and online. I have my first IRL author event in February at The Hive in Worcester on February 22nd. I’m going to the South Coast Lesfic Hangout in May.

-Go to conferences and do more networking. I’m going back to the London Book Fair this year, along with the Self-Publishing Show Live in June. I’m also scheduling meet-ups with local writers a little more, which is good.

-Look into growing more backlist sales via ads, promotions and content marketing.

-Read six new business books.

Personal Stuff

-Make one new recipe per month. Bake cinnamon rolls.

-Read 50 books. I’m on track so far! I actually think I’ll read more than that as I’m into the groove with reading. It took me a few months and I forgot about the challenge for a while in 2022 with all my health issues. But I still read 45. I think I might smash 50 this year. Famous last words.

-Go to see more women’s football games. Especially Spurs and Charlton.

-Plan walking weekends to places I haven’t been before.

That’s the lot! I hope your 2023 has started out okay, and that you’re psyched to achieve whatever you want to do. Happy January, and Happy New Year!