All I Want For Christmas: First Chapter Preview!


The countdown to the launch of my new book All I Want For Christmas is well and truly on: the launch date is now officially October 31st. A slice of Christmas on Halloween? Why the heck not! To get you in the mood, here’s the new cover in all its festive glory, plus a bit of the first chapter to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy!
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All I Want For Christmas: Cover Reveal!


My new book All I Want For Christmas is due out October 31st and my excitement levels are so off the festive scale, I even went out and bought some mince pies to celebrate. Yes, that rock ‘n’ roll! Above is the cover for the new book, which I’m thrilled with. The story is a Christmas lesbian romance, and to tempt you more, here’s the blurb:

Christmas without a girlfriend sucks: no love, no presents, no sex. So Tori Hammond gives herself one month to find that special lady by December 25th. She’s got a dating app and she’s a woman on a mission.

However, Tori’s dates come with their own complications, and when her first love strolls back into her life, her world is sent into freefall. Will Tori land on her feet and find the woman of her dreams? And if she does, will it be who she expected?

From the author of Amazon best-sellers London Calling, This London Love and The Long Weekend, Clare Lydon has created another page-turner bursting with seasonal attitude and wit. If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, prepare to be swept off your festive feet.

I’ll be giving you a sneak-peek of the first chapter of All I Want For Christmas next week, so watch this space.

The Long Weekend Is Out Now!

I’m thrilled to let y’all know that my second book, The Long Weekend, is out now! The story goes thusly: one house, five days, a truckload of baggage and no shortage of wine. When a group of friends meet up to celebrate their 20-year university reunion, past & present collide in explosive fashion. Will their relationships survive this rollercoaster ride of a long weekend?
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