Top Ten Things About Autumn!


Autumn is my favourite time of the year with its vivid colours, sunshine, cosy evenings and fireworks galore. But what exactly makes this such a thrilling time in the calendar of life? Well, these ten reasons, for starters…

10. It’s Only Two Months Till Christmas!

And that means time for presents, watching Elf, bathing in mulled wine and eating your body weight in mince pies. What’s not to love about that?

9. Warm Clothes

Look, I love summer too, but what about all your jumpers, socks, long johns, coats and scarves – remember them? I just went out for a walk today in a hat. A hat! I heart hats! It’s time to dust off your knitwear and rug up.

8. Leaves

Look at all the pretty colours! Jump in the scrunchy leaves! Roll around until you hit some dog poo! Oh. You might want to check underneath first.

7. Hot Alcoholic Drinks

Mulled wine, mulled cider, punch, speciality coffees. These are what cold weather DEMANDS. Check your autumn contract, it’s in the smallprint.

6. Freezing Football

I went to White Hart Lane in October to watch the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs and nearly got sunburnt – this is so very wrong. Football is all about freezing temperatures, chicken balti pies and Bovril. If you can still feel your fingers, it’s not the real deal.


5. The Pumpkin Spice Latte

Has there ever been a better invention that this? I don’t think so. Couple it up with a cinnamon donut, and you’ve got autumnal heaven in a cup and on a plate, right there. Rejoice!

4. Entertainment Just Upped Its Game

Remember in August, when all that was on the telly was repeats, and books & music were on repeat? Not anymore! Autumn is the season of staying in by the fire and the season of excellent TV. What’s more, with Christmas dollars just around the corner, authors & musicians are about to fling their content at you. Prepare to be entertained by TV, music and oodles of new lesbian fiction! Hooray!

3. Comfort Food

Stew, hot chocolate, pies, mash, soup, stodgy desserts. Because autumn doesn’t have any calories, unlike nasty summer. Fact. Ahem.

2. Bonfire Night

Loud bangs, whizzy whooshes, marshmallows, hot dogs, toffee apples, bonfire toffee. You may as well just rip your teeth out now, it’d be kinder.

1. My new book All I Want For Autumn Is Out Now!

Giddy with excitement? You should be. My new lesbian romance All I Want For Autumn is out now! It’s time to catch up with the latest Tori & Holly and prepare for the final episode, All I Want Forever, due out in a couple of months!

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