Best Lesbian Christmas Gifts

Stuck for a present for that special someone? Keep shopping for others and coming back with armfuls for yourself? It’s normal. We’re not easy to buy for, which is why I’ve selected some items that might make your Christmas shopping swish along that little bit faster. Whatever you end up with, I hope there’s something here to tickle your fancy!

1 – Sushi Socks. Because everyone loves new socks at Christmas. And what brings festive cheer more than socks disguised as sushi? Nothing I can think of. (UK readers click here)

2 – Mrs Right & Mrs Always Right mugs. Drink your tea together every day. Fight about who has which mug. Marvel at how we’re targetted in capitalism just like everyone else with Christmas gifts. What a time to be alive! (UK Readers click here).

3 – The Butch Lesbian Colouring Book. Not just any butch lesbians, either, but butches of the 20s, 30s & 40s. The classic, idealised era. Who better to give a subtle shade of magenta than a studly gal with a trilby hat? (UK Readers click here).

4 – Gorgeous journals. Like the leather one featured below. Or perhaps this corking eco-friendly one. Or this embossed number that inspires hope. Perfect for the New Year and new you.

5 – Yeti travel mug. If your partner likes to keep her coffee piping hot and look cool all at the same time, you’ve found the perfect gift! I bought one of these in Provincetown when I was there this summer, and now I flit about London and accept admiring stares everywhere I go. Yeti is the way I roll. This Christmas, it could be the way you roll, too. (UK Readers click here)

6 – Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Because every home needs the story of the US’s best first lady, doesn’t it? (UK Readers click here)

7 – Personalised posh pen. Chrome. Shiny. Your name on it. Yes please. (UK Readers click here)

8 – Cool Torch – like this metallic red Maglite. Because what is a lesbian without a torch? A torchless lesbian, and nobody wants that. (UK Readers click here)

9 – Bose Bluetooth Speaker. Listening to music is cool. But listening to music through this takes your cool to a whole other level. You’re welcome! (UK readers click here)

10 – Kindle Paperwhite. Now waterproof and with all manner of storage. Any book-lover will thank you for this. Or better yet, why not buy one for yourself? You’ve had a hard year. You deserve it! (UK readers click here)

And of course… you could always buy one of my books for Christmas – they make the perfect stocking fillers! Just click on the Books tab above and navigate to the book you want. All I Want For Christmas is, as the name suggests, seasonal. Meanwhile, London, Actually is my latest and a rom-com supreme. If you’d like to order a signed copy, just email me at: and let me know what you’d like!

Or why not lose yourself in one of my audiobooks, including Nothing To Lose, below?
Happy reading & happy shopping!




  1. The Yeti cup really does keep my tea hot! My burnt tongue proves it. Happy Christmas Clare ??????

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