Hot London Nights: Check Out India’s Flat!

One of my guilty pleasures is looking at property websites and watching property shows. In another life, I’d have been great at selling homes! When I decided to make Gina Gupta an upmarket estate agent (running Hot London Properties) in my new book, Hot London Nights, I knew the other lead, India Contelli, should be looking for a flat and that’s how they’d meet. I also knew I’d get to check out fabulous London pads in the name of research. Want to have a look at the property I based India’s flat on? Step this way…

In book seven of the London Romance series, lead character India is from a wealthy background, so she has plenty of money to spend on her new pad. However, she also wants somewhere central, with a rooftop and expansive views. Rooftops are her number one priority, so they were a must-have in her search. She wants a special kind of magic that she’ll only know when she sees it. It takes meeting Gina to find what she wants in more ways than one. If you’ve read the book, you’ll get what I mean. 😎

India’s search is around Shad Thames and the southern side of the river, near to London Bridge and Tower Bridge. So I focused my search there and based the flat that India bought on this one. I mean, look at it. I want to move it right now!

This flat has the stunning rooftop India wants, is close to the river, and is slap-bang in the location she requested. Plus, it has amazing light and those stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that echo the shape of a ship. Sure, you can tell me that India is a fictional character in my head and on the page, but I know she’d fall for this. She’s only human.

When I’m describing a property in a book, it helps so much to be able to base it in reality, so finding this flat really helped. I could picture Gina and India in it, conjure up how they’d feel looking at it together, imagine how it would smell. Of course, it wouldn’t be exactly as shown. In my mind, India’s flat would have a far fancier kitchen, and her decor wouldn’t be so minimal. But these are cosmetics. As you’ll know if you’ve watched half as many property shows as I have, everything can be changed. What you can’t change is the location and the size. This flat delivers both, along with a stunning rooftop too.

If you’ve read Hot London Nights, I hope seeing where India ends up living has added a bit of pep to your day. If you’ve yet to read it, now you’ve seen the flat it’s time to go and read the lesbian romance it’s set in!