Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge: Start Here!

Are you doing Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge 2021? If not, maybe you should consider it! There are prizes on offer, as well as the chance to read more widely and be introduced to a ton of new books and authors. Plus, if you join her Facebook group, you could even chat about the books you’ve read with other like-minded readers, too. It’s a triple win!

How does it work? In Jae’s own words: “The goal is to read sapphic books that fit as many of the 50 categories listed as possible. You can read ebooks, paperbacks, or audiobooks; and they can be new-to-you books or re-reads. I’ll post book recommendations for a new category once a week. Of course, you could also just read whatever books you want and then, afterwards, see what categories they fit into. Depending on how many sapphic books you manage to read in 2021, you can earn different badges and book prizes.”

Basically, read books that fit certain tropes, and there are prizes to be had! Plus, you get to call yourself a Book Penguin, a Book Dragon or even a Book Unicorn.

Jae has 50 categories to tick off in her challenge, so I thought I’d list my books and what category they fit in. I’ve got 18 novels, and there are 50 categories. I might miss some matches, but I’m going to do the absolute best I can, and hopefully it might help you to fill your challenge card and puff your reading muscles. Ready? Here goes…


1. Enemies To Lovers: A Girl Called London, Christmas In Mistletoe, One Golden Summer, A Taste Of Love.

2. Characters With An Everyday Job:

Once Upon A Princess, London Calling = Cafe Owner.

Hot London Nights = Estate Agent.

This London Love = Florist.

The London Of Us = Chef + Lecturer.

3. Return To Hometown: Christmas In Mistletoe, You’re My Kind.

5. TLR’s Best Of The Best List: This London Love, The London Of Us, Before You Say I Do.

6. Only One Bed: A Girl Called London

16. Grumpy & Sunshine: Nothing To Lose

17. Character Is  A Teacher or Professor:

The London Of Us – Alice.

The Long Weekend – Stevie.

18. Coming Out Later In Life:

The London Of Us – Alice.

Nothing To Lose – Joy.

Before You Say I Do – Abby.

21. Age Gap Romance: One Golden Summer, London Actually.

22. Character Is Of A Different Race To You:

Hot London Nights – Gina (Indian).

London, Actually – Tracey (Malaysian).

24. Character Is A Musician: Christmas In Mistletoe – Ruby.

25. Your Favourite Author’s Favourite Book:

And Playing The Role Of Herself – KE Lane.

Cow Girl – Kirsty Eyre.

The Secret Of You & Me – Melissa Lenhardt.

28. Character Rocks A Power Suit:

Hot London Nights – India.

Made In London – Eden.

A Girl Called London – Tanya.

29. Book Starts With First Day On A New Job: London, Actually.

31. Friends-To-Lovers Romance:

All I Want For Christmas

The London Of Us

34. Character Works In The Food Industry:

London Calling – Jess.

The London Of Us – Rachel.

You’re My Kind – Justine.

37. Bisexual or Pansexual Character:

The London Of Us

Before You Say I Do

Made In London.

42. Part Of A Series:

London Romance Series: London Calling, This London Love, A Girl Called London, The London Of Us, London Actually, Made In London, Hot London Nights.

All I Want Series: All I Want For Christmas, All I Want For Valentine’s, All I Want For Spring, All I Want For Summer, All I Want For Autumn, All I Want Forever.

A Taste Of Love (Village Romance Series).

44. Character Is A Business Owner:

Christmas In Mistletoe, Before You Say I Do, A Taste Of Love, One Golden Summer, You’re My Kind, Twice In A Lifetime, The London Of Us, This London Love, A Girl Called London, Made In London, Hot London Nights.

47. Character Who Isn’t Hollywood Beautiful:

One Golden Summer, London Calling, Hot London Nights, Made In London, A Taste Of Love, Twice In A Lifetime, You’re My Kind.

50. Novella: It Had To Be You, Try Me Again.



The only category my books fit for this is number 3, Character over 40. For that, there are quite a few to choose from. From the London Romance Series: Made In London and Hot London Nights. From my standalone novels: One Golden Summer, Nothing To Lose and The Long Weekend.

For more information on the challenge, head to Jae’s website. Happy Reading!










  1. Thanks for listing your books in the relevant categories. I have a request for a small addition to the list. Category 25 is your favourite author’s favourite book so could you please add this to the list.

    1. I will do, Ali! But it’s And Playing The Role Of Herself. My book of 2020 was Cow Girl by Kirsty Eyre.

      Take care,
      Clare x

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