It Started With A Kiss: Out Now!

I come bearing sparkly news: It Started With A Kiss, my sun-drenched UK vineyard romance, is out now!

You’re going to love this book because:

1. It’s set in the glorious UK countryside amid a dazzlingly picturesque vineyard. Wine, sunshine, shennanigans. What’s not to like?

2. The book is a slow-burn, swoonsome romantic comedy with people falling off stools and into towers of kitchen roll. Also, accidentally onto each others’ lips. Ooops!

3. It’s got two leads trying to battle their sizzling attraction, plus an off-the-charts-dynamite first kiss. All within the first two chapters. I know. Daring.

4. It promises vino galore, heart-stopping sexual tension, romantic picnics in the vines, and family secrets about to go pop. All the essentials for a wild night out in Surrey.

5. The story oozes emotion, along with will-they-won’t-they-edge-of-the-seat giddy excitement. So much so that when the tension finally breaks, you might too. All the feels. All the delicious anticipation. All the ladies falling head over heels in lurve!

Sound like it’s up your street? Head over to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited now to pick up the summer page-turner on everyone’s lips!