Nespresso vs Big Cup Little Cup


Everybody knows I love my Nespresso machine like my own child: I stroke it daily. A while back, Nestle’s patent for its Nespresso coffee capsules expired and a court ruled that it should stop being so greedy and let other companies manufacture them too. Cambridge-based Big Cup Little Cup did just that so I decided to try them. So would their pods taste of coffee? Would they enhance my Coffee Lifestyle ™? More importantly, would they look as pretty sat next to my machine? Let’s find out…

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London Cocktail Week: Shaken Not Stirred


What better way to follow up my ill-advised juice diet than with London Cocktail Week? It’s still juice but now with added zing! Seven shakin’ days where you get to hop around the capital’s participating bars drinking their signature cut-price cocktails – I didn’t need a second invitation. So on Wednesday I cleared my schedule, wrote ‘drinking posh drinks’ in big red letters on my calendar, strapped on my LCW wristband and got ready to slurp… Continue reading » “London Cocktail Week: Shaken Not Stirred”


Reboot: The 3-Day Juice Diet


This week, I decided to turn into a glossy magazine article and try out a 3-day juice diet – I’d seen it on the telly where a bloke did it for 60 days and lost a shedload of weight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a truck of weight to lose but I am hopelessly addicted to weight loss shows and was curious to see if this one worked. How hard could it be? I think you might already know the answer… Continue reading » “Reboot: The 3-Day Juice Diet”


The World Of Weight Loss


I’ve just finished watching last night’s documentary Welcome To The World Of Weight Loss, which followed a smattering of women and one lone man on their quest to drop the pounds. As someone who’s spent my life sparring with excess lard, it was interesting to watch their journeys and work out whether or not the various weight loss plans were actually working… Continue reading » “The World Of Weight Loss”


Heart Of Glass


I’ll admit it: I’ve become a glass snob. Once upon a time – back in the days when D:Ream were riding high in the popular music charts and Brookside was required viewing – I would drink most things out of most receptacles. Carling out of a plastic glass? Gin out of a mug? Orange juice out of a thimble? No problem, bring it on. But as the years have advanced, my taste and tolerance for anything less than perfection have done so too. These days, I will not tolerate gin out of a mug. Not even my favourite mug… Continue reading » “Heart Of Glass”


Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…

This machine drips luxury...
This machine drips luxury…

A while back I was lucky enough to bag a Nespresso machine which now sits seductively on my kitchen worktop, winking at me every time I walk past. Now I too could have those shiny capsules in my very own kitchen and not just when I happen to land in a fancy hotel room – and unbeknown to me, a whole new world was about to be unveiled in sleek, caffienated heels. You see, a Nespresso machine is not just a coffee machine. Good lord, no. Coffee machines dispense caffeine-infused black liquid that perk up your day; Nespresso machines dispense a luxurious lifestyle that means you’ve MADE IT… Continue reading » “Nespresso? Don’t Mind If I Do…”