Christmas Gift Ideas For Lesbian Romance Lovers


It’s December, which can only mean one thing: that’s right, the last-minute panic to buy gifts for those special lesbians in your life who like nothing better than a spot of romance. No idea what to buy? Never fear – I’m here to help! So without further ado, let’s run down some gift ideas for your nearest & dearest…


For the lesbian romance reader, why not grab the latest Kindle Paperwhite – along with an Amazon giftcard, both are guaranteed to go down a storm.


And what do all lesbian romance readers love almost as much as they love books? That’s right, coffee. And if you want your love to hold you tight on Christmas morning, buy her one of these beauties: a Russell Hobbs Brew And Go Coffee Machine And Mug.


For the lesbian librarian wannabee, I know I would have squealed at this when I was a kid. But really, who am I kidding? I’d squeal now! Yes, it’s the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, where you can stamp your books for borrowing and keep track of where they are. This kit makes dreams come true. Fact.


For the lesbian romance writer: here’s something to keep them warm when they’re tapping away at the keyboard. This rather wonderul Cafe Press sweatshirt, with fair warning so nobody can complain.


And if you’ve got a writer you’re trying to impress, this Parker pen is guaranteed to make them smile. Just look at the description, using words like ‘chrome’ and ‘gunmetal’. I just did a pen melt. I’m in pen love.


If your romance lover is also a lesbian hipster (I see no reason the two cannot be friends), this T-shirt is a must. Best coupled with a Trilby and a deep sense of irony. Caution: you may have to explain this gift to your grandma.



Stocking Fillers:





Nothing says ‘I care about the vessel you drink your tea out of and I love you’ more than a special mug. And if you want to look classy and lesbionic when you’re drinking your hot beverage, how about one of these dapper ceramics?

How about this marvellous carrier for books, big and small?


And finally, what about this Jane Austen candle to light those long nights of reading. Second thoughts, perhaps just a Kindle nightlight might be a safer bet, eh?




ntl-240x383And of course, if you’re after a book gift, you can’t go wrong with one of mine – here are All I Want For Christmas and Nothing To Lose to get you started. And if you want a signed copy, just email me – – they cost £9.99 + £2 p&p.


I hope you have a fabulous holiday season – and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, gifts are always a smart idea to put a smile on a loved one’s face. Right, I’m off to buy all of the above…